About Me

Amber Tewksbury L.M.T

I always want to do something working with my hands.  Family and friends said I had a natural skill for massage and I have a passion to learn more. 

To discover the art of massage therapy, I attended Baltimore School of Massage, York PA Campus.

Here I Completed 768 Hours-Credits on March 2011. Course included Anatomy, Pathology, Therapeutic Massage, imageTrigger Point Theory, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Structural Bodywork , Sports Massage and others.

With Personalized Muscle Therapy I aim to help every BODY.  Relax - by reducing anxiety and stress, give relief to sore and achy muscles, and increase circulation of blood and lymph to help improve metabolism & more.

I enjoy learning new techniques to stay modern in my field and to enhance your massage experience.

 In my spare time I practice self-care for career longevity including yoga (mindful movement for my muscles) strength training and the casual 5 k runner. As a Certified Aromatherapist i also enjoy making aromatherapy products and simply spending time with my family/friends outdoors.